Fastrackids/JEI Bellmore-Merrick
FasTracKids is an educational, fast-paced, highly interactive, cutting edge learning program that seeks to empower children with a mastery of communication and social skills. Our curriculum was tested over many years with thousands of children, and research demonstrated that on average, children who participated in the program for at least 6 months improved their communication and social skills by... 150-200% against their peers. The classes are social, small, and engaging. By using SMART board technology, conducting experiments, working on projects, and engaging in public speaking activities, your child explores a variety of rich subjects ranging from Earth Science to Astronomy to Economics. What’s great is that students’ presentations at the end of each subject are video taped and emailed home to parents! JEI Math, English, Problem Solving, Reading, & Writing is a world renowned individualized workbook-based self-learning program, developed in S. Korea, designed to improve overall academic performance and build confidence at school. We cater to each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses by our FREE Diagnostic test. Students come to the center for 1-2 hours per week and receive personal attention and feedback from a certified JEI instructor. Through this program kids develop positive study habits and associations with learning.
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