Bake Sale Raises More Than 15K for Hayes Children

The Newbridge Road School Parent Teacher Association coordinated the event.

More than $15,000 was raised at a Newbridge Road School bake sale for the Hayes children.

The event, which took place on Tuesday during school budget voting hours, was coordinated by the Newbridge Road School Parent Teacher Association.

Laurie Henneborn and Margaret Kubica, co-presidents of the Newbridge PTA, said that the turnout was "massively successful."

"We had visitors stop in and pay $50 for a cupcake to support these kids," she said.  "North Bellmore and the surrounding communities really rose to the occasion."

"I am still in awe with the response that we got from the community," Kubica said. "I was hopeful that we would raise a good amount of money for the children, but never expected to raise this much. It was a very emotional day."

The event, which was from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., included hundreds of edible delights.

"We nearly sold out of all baked goods by 9 p.m.," Henneborn said.

According to Henneborn, the children's aunt volunteered at the event and said that she wanted to thank the entire community for their ongoing support and generosity. 

"I personally couldn't be more pleased at the outcome and more humbled by the experience," Henneborn said.


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