Live Results: Bellmore, Bellmore-Merrick, North Bellmore Pass Budgets

Check back for live results of the 2014 budget vote.

North Bellmore voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposed 2014-15 budget Tuesday night.

Out of 1,680 total votes, 1,116 residents, or 66 percent, approved the budget compared to 564 "no" votes.

North Bellmore proposed a $52,291,099 budget for 2014-15. It calls for a 3.55 percent budget-to-budget increase from last year and a 1.75 percent tax levy increase. Read a PDF of the district's budget brochure here.

John Ferrara will return to the Board of Education for a another term after running unopposed and garnering 1,199 votes.

Update: 10:35 p.m.

Bellmore School District voted to pass their 2014-15 budget, reported Newsday.

618 voted in favor of passing the budget compared to 241 who voted against it.

The district proposed a $33,246,182 budget for the 2014-15 school year and called for a 1.06 percent budget-to-budget increase from last year. It constitued a 1.49 percent tax levy increase. Read more in the district's budget pamphlet here.

Jay L. T. Breakstone was elected to the Board of Education after running unopposed.

Update: 10:41 p.m.

Bellmore-Merrick School District residents passed the 2014-15 budget by more than 1,400 votes.

According to the district, 2,744 voters, a 68 percent majority, were in favor of the proposed budget compared with 1,287. The proposed budget totaled $139,418,645 and called for a 2.12 percent budget-to-budget increase from last year.

Check back here tonight for updates from Bellmore, North Bellmore, and Bellmore-Merrick School District votes.

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