North Bellmore Library Hosts Hunger Games Party

The library coordinated the event to promote reading.

While some kids were at home during their Spring Break this week, others were taking the Cornucopia Challenge at the North Bellmore Public Library.

The library recently hosted a "Hunger Games" party and like the books and the box office topping film, it was a great success.

Jessica Tymecki, young adult librarian at the North Bellmore Library, said that she wanted the children to have fun and to gain an appreciation for books.

"We are trying to encourage reading, especially while school is out," she said. "'The Hunger Games' is like the Harry Potter of this time and it is getting kids to read."

Like the novel, the participants in the challenge were called tributes and were assigned to different districts.

Danielle Santevecchi's district won the challenge. The 13-year-old said that she has read all "The Hunger Games" books and has seen the movie twice.

"The reason I love the books so much is because they are not like other teenage books where everything is all happy," she said. "This book makes you think."


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