Business Q&A: Rose Garden Early Learning Center

Getting kids an early start on their futures.

Studies show that the earlier you get your children on the path to education, the greater the chances are that they'll be a success in life.

Helping the children of Bellmore down that pathway for the last 20 years is Rose Garden Early Learning Center, located directly across from the Bellmore LIRR station at 2611 Pettit Ave.

Owner Binnie Sen recently spoke with Patch about how Rose Garden can effectively prep kids for life's many challenges.

Tell us about the various programs available for children Rose Garden Early Learning Center.

We take care of babies, infants, toddlers, and also have two pre-Ks. We use a formalized curriculum that's adaptable to any age group. The teaching is hands-on, and there's a lot of "learn through play" with the younger ages. There's a lot of learning social and negotiation skills, and learning how to make choices. We like to make sure kids leave here with a sense of pride, making them confident little people.

Why do you feel it’s important for parents to enroll their children in a program like yours, as opposed to just having them wait until kindergarten starts?

The most important thing kindergarten asks of you is that you socially understand how to function within a group. If you don’t have social skills, you really are going to be at a disadvantage and will have difficulty integrating with your peers. In addition, we help with the academics...the math concepts, the pre-reading, rhyming, and recognition.

What got you into this field of teaching children?

I’ve always loved kids...I think that you can really shape children’s lives if you listen to them at a very early age. Listening to them is really important.

What do you like about owning and operating a business in the Bellmore area?

We have a very diversified group of parents and children here. Plus, we’re right across the street from the rail road station, so in addition to our academic programs, I think we’re about as convenient as you can get for commuting parents.

Theresa Barrett March 21, 2012 at 10:19 PM
My son, Noah, has attended this learning center since he was 2. He is almost 5 now and in the Pre-k program. Leaving your child while returning to work full time can be a difficult decision for any parent. However, I always felt my child was safe and was at ease during my work hours as a teacher myself. I truly enjoyed my experience with this facility. He learned many things like socialization, letters, numbers, writing skills, music, Spanish, arts and crafts, calendar skills, was assisted with potty training, attended educational trips and how to adjust just being in a school like setting away from mom and dad. The teachers were always very informative, creative, dedicated, and cooperative with the parents at any given time. They celebrated the children's successes and taught them how to be more independent individuals and life long learners. Leaving in June will be bittersweet, but I am thankful to have had such a pleasant and wonderful experience.
Danielle De Souza (Editor) March 22, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Thanks for sharing your experience Theresa


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