LIPA not paying subcontractors during Sandy

My husband is a volunteer firefighter in Bellmore. He spent 36 hours straight during hurricane Sandy responding to calls.  These firefighters gave their time rescuing others out of their homes and fighting fires during the storm while risking their own lives doing it. He was then sub contracted along with other members of the fire department by LIPA to do the electric inspections to get power restored sooner to those affected by the hurricane. None of these firefighters have yet to get paid by LIPA. LIPA has been contacted many times in regards to payment. LIPA's response and lack of preparedness during the storm was abominable.  These firefighters, many with damage to their own homes (including ours) went to work with LIPA to expedite getting electricity back to their neighborhood so people would have the ability to start the repairs and heat their homes.  I just have to say SHAME on LIPA.  They have no problem taking my last 3 months payments, but have yet to pay these people who were sub contracted out by them.  

Joanna Bernardini
Bellmore resident


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