Help Faith win a wheelchair accessible van

How is your day going to be.  You will get up, make yourself breakfast, shower, get in your car and drive yourself to school or work, do some shopping, maybe go to lunch with friends and maybe play tennis or baseball or a sport. Now imagine that you couldn't !We need your help, we are not asking for a donation but only 2 minutes of your time to vote. Faith Rossworn needs your vote as she is disabled and is in the running and in 3rd position out if 1500 other disabled persons to win a wheelchair accessible van.  Faith is the daughter of JFK alumni Wendy Malin Rossworn, the niece of Bud Mogan, the cousins of JFK alumni Tracey and Barbara Morgan and Melisa Basile and their respective children.  Please just vote.Thank you again for your time and the effort in making a difference by taking the time to VOTE !! Use this link to vote :


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