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Reinhard Kicks Off Reading Program

The school's PTA coordinated the Books Alive Assembly to kick off its Parents as Reading Partners Program.

On a recent day, performance artist Lee Knight asked a group of Reinhard Early Childhood Center students who the first president of the United States was.

"George Washington," they screamed.

Knight then taught the children a song about "the man on the quarter."

"He's the father of our county and he always will be," she sang.

Knight performed an hour-long show about the presidents as a kickoff to the Reinhard Parent Teacher Association's Parents as Reading Partners Program (PARP).

PARP encourages reading by having parents read to or with their children each night. The program's theme this year is "Elect to read, vote for books" in honor of the 2012 Election.

PTA members Sabrina Gampero and Lisa Hoffman coordinated the event. Both women said that they read to their young children every night.

"Reading helps them grow," Gampero said. "It enhances their education and expands their minds. It gives parents and kids something to do together."

During the assembly, kids were able to go onstage to act as props while songs were sung.

Lee, creator of Lee Knight's Book Alive Program, said that reading is very significant to a child's life.

"It's important to take your mind somewhere else," she said. "Reading can take you to another place to learn about all different places and things."

At the end of the assembly, she asked the kids a question about President Barack Obama.

"Did you know that Obama went to Harvard?" Lee asked. "You have to work really hard to get in that school. Who reads and does all of their schoolwork?"

Many little hands raised in the air.

"Well if you work hard, you can all go to Harvard too," Lee told the students.

Lee ended her performance with a song that told the children that their opportunities are endless.

"Yes we can, it's America," she sang.


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