Parents Bring Bus Concerns, Special Ed Praise to Bellmore-Merrick Board

A mother asks to move her child's bus stop while a man praises the CHSD for special education strides.

Parents at Wednesday's Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District meeting brought out one parent concerned for her daughter's safety as well as a parent who wanted to highlight the effort the district has made in preparing special education children for college.

A mother of a private school child asked the board if it was possible to have her daughter's bus stop moved to the front of her home.

"When she leaves, it's dark and I just feel like standing on the corner by herself in the dark is a safety concern," she said. "The bus needs to pass my house anyway to get to the corner," she added.

After being asked by Dr. Henry Kiernan, superintendent, if she had spoken to the transportation department, the mother said that she did and was told that the issue wasn't up for discussion and no exceptions would be made.

Dr. Matthew Kuschner, board president, said that he would look into the matter further and be in touch.

Jerry Claire, a father of a former Calhoun student, addressed the board about the college night that the school held for special education students that are planning to go to college. 

In addition, he said that the CHSD has made great strides and has many other districts looking to it for best practices. "We had administrators, parents and students coming from all over to come to our district to see what we are doing," he said."We are leading."

Merrick Man January 07, 2012 at 08:28 PM
While I applaud the Calhoun Special Education Program for making such great progress with the students who attend there, I have real concerns with the Merrick Avenue Middle School Program. MAMS is accepting kids from other districts for a price of up to $70,000.00 per child. This money is not going to training the aides these students are placed with as my understanding is MAMS has never provided training to the aides who deal with each individual students special needs. These children (two at the moment) who are bused from the Hewlett/Woodmere school district are merely placed in a room for up to 7 hours a day with minimal educational instruction provided, unless you count the hours upon hours they are stuck on a computer watching You Tube videos. It is a disgrace that none of this is ever mentioned at the board meetings, or how until the Principal of MAMS was kicked by another Merrick child with special needs, this particular student has been violent to at least three other students and several staff members since September but has received no reprimand to his actions. The school now is providing this same student with a private school bus (at the expense of every tax payer in North Merrick) because he only wants to attend school a few hours a day to play on his IPAD and then go home when he is supposed to do some school work. Why is this never discussed at our board meetings? Why accept kids we don't help? Who speaks for this children?
REALLY-FED-UP-Realist-2 January 14, 2012 at 01:57 AM
In the minutes distributed that night were administrative adjustments, I believe and probably discussed in executive session.
REALLY-FED-UP-Realist-2 January 14, 2012 at 02:05 AM
Maybe if you did not hide behind a false name - and brought your concerns to the board they would be discussed. The transfer of students among districts in or out is a common practice in NYS school districts state wide - nothing new here. What happens to any student and the school is the private matter of the parents and the school - again not you who hide behind false ids. MAMS has an excellent program - my special ed son went up through that progam - while my other son went up thru the GAMS. They are run well. You have some degree of intimate knowledge in that MAMS situation - have you discussed it with the Special Ed Chairman in that school - if not u are blowing smoke here - for the sake of hiding under a false name. Jerry Clare President of Special Education PTA at CHS, MHS, JFKHS, MAMS, GAMS, MAP
REALLY-FED-UP-Realist-2 January 14, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Maybe you world like to be more knowledgeable on the Special Education Program AND the Bellmore-Merrick School District. By your response above - you may not be even located in Bellmore-Merrick. Most people in this area know that MAMS are GAMS are the middle schools for Bellmore North and South Bellmore, Merrick and Norht and South Merrick - not as you state "at the expense of every tax payer in North Merrick"; Also I know Ms Blum, Principal of MAMS as a very capable educator for our district student - INCLUDING special Ed kids - and would not belive your comment "how until the Principal of MAMS was kicked by another Merrick child with special needs" In addition - see my next post
REALLY-FED-UP-Realist-2 January 14, 2012 at 03:02 PM
This Tuesday, at one of the 3 HS in our district at Calhoun is "Transition Night for young adults not going onto college" - everyone is invited it is free to Long Island - the SE PTA foots pays out of our membership $$$ to make this event happen, Some children in MAMS will not go onto college, may not hold a 40 hour a week job - but do want to hold productive places in our society - this night reviews services for those parents and educators to help their kids and is a "model" for Long Island. This type of program only happens - with leadership in our special education program - across our schools. 28 schools outside of our district have parents and administrators a like attending this presentation - MERRICK Man - u are invited to - BUT u as with everyone needs to send me an email at bellmoremerricksepta@gmail com - stating your real name - the # people attending and the school district and village u represent - become part of the solution - not be part of the problem. Looking fowrd to your email to register - Kind regards to all [ this night focus on special ed students - if you want to review the flyer email me and I'll send ] Jerry Clare President of Special Education PTA at CHS, MHS, JFKHS, MAMS, GAMS, MAP (six schools 1 PTA)


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