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By the Numbers: School Budget Breakdowns

Patch has compiled a comparison chart for nearly all school districts in the Town of Hempstead.

Before residents head to the polls to vote for their schools' 2012-13 budgets, we thought readers would like to see how neighboring districts are spending their money.

It is important to note that some expenses are not subject to be included in the cap and therefore the allowable tax levy might exceed the property tax cap while still being under.

Under the cap, property tax increases will be limited to 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is less. Municipalities, such as school districts, could override the cap with 60 percent of voters participating in an election.

School Overall Budget Amount Increase/ Decrease From Last Year Tax Levy Increase +/- Tax Cap Enrollment
Cuts to Staff/Programs Baldwin $119.5M (rollover budget)
- .4%
2.23% N/A
5,197* Shuttering of Shubert and Milburn schools. Bellmore $31,943,890 +1.40%
2% - 1,132 None Bellmore-Merrick Central HS District $133M
+ 1.5%
2.4% + (Vote allowed) 6,006 (7-12)
20 FT, 3
perm subs. East Meadow $181M + 1.73%
- 7,338* N/A
East Rockaway $35,601,664 + 3.6%
2.26% - 1,296* Late buses
Elmont 78,560,346 + 2.76% 2.8% + 3,746* (PreK-6) None Floral Park-Bellerose $27,668,799 + 4.86% N/A + 1,634 N/A Franklin Square $34.43M +1.5%
2% - 1,907*(K-6) None Freeport $153,139,767 +2.45%
2.37% - 6,306* 26. Summer school eliminated.
Garden City $104,215,528 +3.06%
3.54% - 4,048 1 Hewlett-Woodmere $105,785,736 (reserves) + 2.47%
1.91% - 3,033 10
Island Park $34.6M +2.9%
2.01% - 688* (K-6) Some Island Trees $57,925,136 +.99%
1.99% - 2,557* MS Chorus, HS Golf Lawrence $93,155,150 +.19%
2% - 3,112 21. 8-period day at HS. Levittown $189,996,581 - 4%
1.85% - 7,551* N/A Long Beach $122.1M
3.9% +
3,798 N/A Lynbrook $74,468,696 +2.2%
2.3% - 2,895* Increase size of K classes.
Malverne $48,597,767 +2.29%
2.44% - 1,700 12. Most summer school.
Merrick $43.3M
2.23% - 1,964 None Mineola $83,992,180 - .27%
1.93% - 2,700 3
New Hyde Park - Garden City Park $34,494,380 +2.7%
2.88% Exact 1,600 None, redistributing workers. North Bellmore $47,901,815 +.27%
2.8% - 2,100 15. Gunther School closing. North Merrick $27.5M
+ 2.72%
2.42% - 1,314 None Oceanside $134M
- 5,944* Instructional and textbook cuts
Rockville Centre $97,260,488 +1.67%
1.99% - 3,600 None (some jobs lost through attrition) Roosevelt $85,453,491 +1.84%
1.94% - 2,702* N/A Seaford $57.8M
2.5% - 2,582 1 FT. Most MS sports. Sewanhaka Central HS District
$167,033,832 +2.94%
2.22% -


Valley Stream Central $103,240,117 +1.23%
2.55% - 4,692* (7-12) Reductions in non-teaching positions.
Valley Stream 13 $43,217,705 +1.7%
2,122* (K-6) None
Valley Stream 24 $27.7M +1.97%
1.5% - 1,084  (K-6) Salary freeze, adding staff. Valley Stream 30 $32,403,043 +.02%
N/A N/A 1,440* (K-6) N/A Wantagh $71.7M +2.2%
1.86% - 3,507 None West Hempstead
$55,188,693 +1.46%
2.58% -
2,170 None

Editor's Notes:

*Denotes student enrollment figures that are from the 2010-11 school year. These figures were obtained from the New York State Education Department website.

Budget information was not available online for the following school districts: Uniondale and Hempstead.

Matthew Hogan contributed to this report.

GCBob April 25, 2012 at 01:12 AM
The budget to budget and the levy to levy increases only apply to the districts, while the true cost to the taxpayer can only be calculated by using the new tax rate times your individual assessment. Only then will you know your own costs increases and what you are really voting for in May.
GCBob April 25, 2012 at 01:24 AM
I would like to see each district's present and future tax rates documented. I believe that would tell a different story. One should also remember that there is a 2 percent cap on our star exemptions which means that we will be paying even more now then we would of under the old system in order to make up the difference.
Chris Wendt April 25, 2012 at 11:17 AM
Bob, school tax rates became passé as meaningful comparators among school districts after the major reassessment took place in Nassau County as a result of the settlement of the landmark lawsuit, Coleman v County of Nassau (Sup Ct Nassau County, Oct 30, 1997). Computing the tax rate is a multi-variant equation without common data points in any two districts, other than by sheer accident. The tax rate for each school district changes annually, and can not be known prior to late August, after the levies are filed by the individual districts, and the base proportion indices are received from the State. The real indicators are: 1. Budget to Actual Spending Increases for YOUR district 2. Total Revenue versus Total Spending by YOUR district, as presented in your district'c independent audit report(s) from the prior year(s). No comparisons between districts have any meaning for your district. You only pay school taxes to your own district. Wantagh, Levittown, Plainedge, Massapequa...cannot help Seaford out of their jam.
John April 28, 2012 at 10:32 PM
VOTE NO ON MAY 15 The RVC district deserves 0 The residents here have had increase after increase without mercy from the board. We are only getting in under the cap out of fear they will be defeated at the polls. Why did Dr Johnson and the board not go to bat for the residents over the last ten years?? If you read all the cuts from the districts above you will see no give backs from the top administration or lay off some overpaid asst. supts. what a joke.
GCBob May 01, 2012 at 02:22 PM
I agree with Richard. When I vote I am voting to except all the numbers and especially the ones that influence my next school tax bill.


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