Bellmore BOE Approves 2012-13 School Budget

School board officially adopts 2012-13 district and BOCES budgets.

In an economic climate that’s hitting New York schools with cuts to state funding, unfunded mandates, and a new 2 percent tax cap, trustee Jay L.T. Breakstone applauded his colleague’s efforts in fashioning a budget that nonetheless retains the essentials of the educational quality that Bellmore is known for.

The 2012-13 budget of $31,943,890 was approved by the board at a Tuesday meeting.

“This is a tremendous budget,” Breakstone said. “This budget was only possible when good people got together to ensure the future of education for the children of Bellmore. I’d like to give my compliments to the superintendent, his staff and my fellow board members on a great job.”

Important Nassau BOCES business was also addressed at the meeting, among which was a trustee vote by the Bellmore Board of Education, that approved the appointment of three members of the BOCES board. However, other school districts must also cast their votes on these prospective trustees for the appointments to become final.

The 2012-13 BOCES Administrative Operations budget was also voted upon and approved by the board, totaling at $19,305,205.

In other news, the Bellmore Board of Education approved the tenure of four teachers.

Elia DeBlasio (Physical Education), Jessica McDaniel (Speech), Jennifer Oshiro (Music) and Gina Paino (General Education) were all granted tenure as recommended by Superintendent Joseph S. Famularo and approved unanimously by the board.

“An important responsibility of the Bellmore Board of Education, one of the many, is the awarding of tenure,” Famularo said. “Tonight we have several teachers who have met and exceeded our high standards.”

The board also accepted the resignation of classroom teacher Lorraine Grant, who is retiring at the end of the current school year.

The next meeting of the Bellmore Board of Education is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15 at 8:00 p.m.

Tom Baxter April 20, 2012 at 07:55 PM
What do these bozos know about austerity. Austerity to them means buying a Volvo instead of a Lexus! Austerity to them means a step increase in wages, rather than a % increase AND a step increase. Austerity to them means pumping their own gas at Valero. Austerity to them means going out to dinner 3 nights a week rather than 5. No matter how bad the economy or how good the economy; no matter how much more the state aid is or how less; no matter how high property values go or how low, nothing matters to these bozos on the school board except placating the corrupt school teachers union and their cronies. It's one big Racket! Calling them bozos affords them too much intellectual credit!
CMC72 April 21, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Did the teachers make concessions? I thought I heard they did, but it was not mentioned here.


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