Hempstead Town Notebook: Election Day, Senior ID Card Objection

A weekly look-in at news from around the Town of Hempstead.

Vote This Week

Election Day is this Tuesday, Nov. 8. Click here to find your polling station.

Races in the Town of Hempstead Include:

  • Town Supervisor: Kate Murray (R) vs. Gary Port (D)
  • Town Clerk: Mark Bonilla (R) vs. Steve Anchin (D)
  • Receiver of Taxes: Donald Clavin (R) vs. Wilton Robinson (D)
  • 2nd Councilmanic District: Edward Ambrosino (R) vs. Patricia Locurcio (D)
  • 3rd Councilmanic District: James Darcy (R) vs. Owen Rumelt (D)
  • 5th Councilmanic District: Angie Cullin (R) vs. Claudia Borecky (D)

Democratic Candidate Questions Senior ID Cards

Early in October, it was announced that the Town of Hempstead had begun offering free identification cards for senior citizens. Many senior citizens have physical ailments that can potentially put them at risk in certain situations. In an emergency, a town Senior ID card may help medical technicians to quickly determine how to treat a particular person, given their allergies and other related information.

This week, Steve Anchin, the Democratic candidate for Hempstead Town Clerk, said he is concerned with the town issuing the aforementioned senior ID cards. Anchin charges that Town of Hempstead Clerk Mark Bonilla may be issuing dangerous identification cards to Hempstead’s senior citizens.

“What makes these seemingly innocent identification cards particularly hazardous is that medical data and possibly prescription information are to be placed on the cards without them being updated,” Anchin said. “With seniors, medical information can be modified quickly and are always subject to frequent changes."

Town Announces Flu Immunization Program

The Town of Hempstead has announced that registration has begun for the annual Senior Citizen Seasonal Flu Immunization Program. The town is partnering with Nassau University Medical Center and South Nassau Communities Hospital to offer flu vaccinations for senior residents, age 60 or older, at several town locations.

Registration is ongoing at several Town of Hempstead senior centers. Seniors are being asked to register a week prior to receiving their immunization. Flu vaccines are provided with no out-of-pocket cost to the seniors. The administrating hospital will bill insurance companies, however, there will be no co-payments for those receiving flu shots.

Immunizations will be conducted from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. as follows:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 9, Wantagh Senior Center, 1150 Seamans Neck Road, Wantagh, 785-8505
  • Monday, Nov. 14, Levittown Senior Center, 555 North Newbridge Road, Levittown, 433-5454
  • Tuesday, Nov. 22, Franklin Square Senior Center, 1182 Martha Place, Franklin Square, 328-3010
  • Tuesday, Nov. 29, Merrick Senior Center, 2550 Clubhouse Road, Merrick, 868-4777

For more information, call the Department of Senior Enrichment at (516) 485-8100.

Phillip Franco November 07, 2011 at 11:59 AM
There were a lot more than 20 people; at least triple to four times that amount. To me the big issue is tne potential sale of our sewer system, then the precinct closure. To be totally honest with you, I am a registered republican, but I always vote for the candidate that has the best interest of the community. My fear this year is that if the republicans hold the the legislative majority, then they could just ram through a sale of our sewer system no mater what the public thinks. My real motivation in all of this doesn't even have to do with money. I'll get a third job to pay a sewer company. It has to do with the children at the elementary schools around the perimeter of the plant and the safety issues that would effect them in the future. I've been warned not to make comments like this, but when they consider my motivation, I hope they will just write me off.
Patrick November 08, 2011 at 12:32 AM
Warned by whom? Where do we live, China? If someone warned you about speaking your mind, the first thing you should do is tell everyone who approached you. And if you are afraid to do that, shame on you. You have the opportunity to let everyone know what has been said, you should say it. It is a sad state of affairs that you as a citizen are reluctant to speak you mind and tell everyone if you have been warned/threatened not to say something. The most impirtant thing to do is speak out. What can anyone do? If you are that ingrained in the politics of the towns,your fault, if not speak your mind.
Patrick November 08, 2011 at 12:36 AM
By the way,i was there at around noon, and I counted about 25 people, a number of whom were politicians, unless everyone was late, there were not nearly 60-80 people.
Phillip Franco November 08, 2011 at 06:30 AM
most came around 12:30-12:45. Thanks for the pep talk.
Simon Iddings April 05, 2012 at 07:24 AM
Having medical ID cards for seniors is a great idea. Has it already been implemented? Many of the seniors do not carry their medical documents around, and if anything happen to them, paramedics may not know immediately how to deal with them. These ID cards would definitely help to save lives.


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