Legislators, Civics React After Precinct Vote Passes

County Legislator Dave Denenberg voted against the plan and residents still have questions.


Patch reported on Monday, that Nassau County legislators voted yes to approve County Executive Ed Mangano's plan to merge the county's precincts from eight to four.

The 10-9 vote was one of three such totals on the day – the other two coming on votes for commissioner and tabling the precinct vote until next week.

Legis. Dave Denenberg, D-Merrick, said he voted against the plan for a number of reasons.

"It was incredible that a plan that was still being negotiated was voted on," he said. "The plan to close four precincts relies upon an incentive to reduce the police force by 100 people to save money, but that reduction doesn't necessitate closing precincts, so the savings have nothing to do with the closure plan."

Denenberg said that despite the administration's claimed that the plan would put more police on the street, it will not.

"In the last year, our special patrols were all but eliminated and the 48 police officers Mangano claims will be put into problem oriented policing are the same officers he has assigned to desk jobs at the community policing centers," he said.

Reinaldo Nunez, president of the North Bellmore Civic Association and a North Bellmore resident, had questions about the issue.

"They claim that they are going to move 48 officers but they are going to need those 48 officers to maintain the facilities -- so where are the savings?," Nunez said. "We are going to need people to man buildings while officers are on vacation and what are they going to do with the buildings. They say they will use them for community services, but how are they going to manage that?"

Denenberg said that he is concerned that by reducing the number of precincts, the county executive and police commissioner will be able to reduce the number of officers assigned to patrol.

"While they say they are not doing this, they will have this authority and I suspect that they will reduce the number of patrols in the near future," he said.  "While such action will allow deep cuts in police spending, it will be at an even greater cost to public safety. I believe that this entire plan is ultimately after minimum manning provisions because otherwise the plan has no savings and makes no sense."

Susanne giordano March 07, 2012 at 12:05 PM
I think this is a huge mistake! Crime in Nassau county is up and it is important that we can rely on our police To protect our areas and keep our families safe! I am very unhappy about this decision and I think this is going to be a disaster in the making.!
P.M. March 07, 2012 at 12:42 PM
I also think this is a HUGE MISTAKE!! With Crime rising..LONG ISLAND is losing the reputation & integrety it once had and now is losing..4 out of 8 in Nassau! OMG!!!! I do hope this does not affect any of the 10 YES VOTES...because if it does they are going to wish ..they left the 4 open..but wait a minute ARE THEY ALL RESIDENTS OF LONG ISLAND??!! ..It is sad ..It is Sad...........IT IS SAD.........IT makes no sense ..someone explain this to me..!!!!! HUMMM always felt safe living in L.I. and proud to say I did... About a few weeks ago (while in the city)having casual conversation with someone from LA...asked me so where do you live..I said Long Island their response was "TOO BAD IT IS GETTING THE WAY IT IS"... :( I felt so sad to here that..but the person was absoutely right! And now WE have to lose our Law Enforcement ..are you people FOR REAL WAKE UP ...!!!
Tom Baxter March 07, 2012 at 07:02 PM
The real hit on property taxes are school taxes, not county general or county police HQ taxes. When will the politicians attack the real problem.....school district taxes!
Edward Scissorhands March 09, 2012 at 10:03 PM
Crime in Nassau county is up - even with 8 precincts full of overpaid cops. Why not open up 4 new precincts to fight the rising crime. I hope you Nassau County residents have more $ to put into an already lousy system.


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