Decision on Proposed Landmarking of Bellmore Home Postponed

The Landmarks Commission said a decision on whether the Stevens Home will be landmarked will be announced on March 6.

The Town of Hempstead Landmarks Commission held off on making a decision a second time as to whether the Stevens Home will be landmarked.

At a public hearing on Tuesday night, it was brought to the commission's attention that new issues have come up since the Jan. 31 meeting.

Christine Keller, a Bellmore resident who presented her case on why the house should be landmarked in February 2011, was given a chance by the commission at the Jan. 31 meeting to come up with recommendations of possible buyers who want preserve the home.

Keller found people who are interested in buying the home and she said that she is willing to purchase the house also. However, she said that she was told the price of the home was raised and that the house's electricity, plumbing system, sewage system and radiators were removed within the last two weeks.

"I was told that the house was $250,000 at the last meeting and now they are saying it will be $275,000," Keller said. "The house was ready to be moved into and the developer turned off the gas and took out the plumbing."

David Weiss, trustee of the Stevens' trust and chairman of the Town of Hempstead Zoning Appeals, said that he has an interested buyer with a contract who plans to demolish the home.

"That buyer raised the price of the home," Weiss said. "They are ready to buy with plans to demolish, but they cannot do that with a landmark pending."

Weiss said that it is true that the gas lines were removed on Thursday, but nothing else has been touched in the house in months.

"National Grid went into the house that had 'No Work' signs on the door and cut the gas lines without my knowledge," he said. "I did not know they were going to do that."

The home, located at 2396 Bellmore Ave., was built by Charles Stevens, a local bayman, in 1923. Construction of the foundation of the home began as early as 1917.

The Landmarks Commission said that all the parties involved have more time to come to a solution before a decision is made.

"I am okay with the postponement," Keller said. "But we have significant issues to work out."


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