WATCH: Truck Strikes Meadowbrook Overpass, Crumbles

Incident occurs the same day state announces new system to help prevent truck-bridge crashes on parkways.

Video shot of a truck hitting an overpass on the Meadowbrook State Parkway is going viral on YouTube.
Video shot of a truck hitting an overpass on the Meadowbrook State Parkway is going viral on YouTube.

Video of an out-of-state tractor trailer slamming into a Meadowbrook State Parkway overpass Wednesday shows why truckers should abide by state law prohibiting commercial vehicles on parkways.

The trailer crumbled on impact when the truck hit the overpass of Hempstead Turnpike just after 10:30 a.m., scattering debris across the roadway, and closing traffic in both directions between Exit M5 And M6.

Driver Excell Smith entered the parkway at Stewart Avenue heading toward Freeport, State Police told Newsday. No other vehicles were involved, and no injuries were immediately reported. 

The crash occurred on the very morning that Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a new system that is nearing completion that aims to help prevent truck-bridge crashes on state parkways, especially those with low bridges.

The program incorporates overheight detection technology that signals a warning alerting truckers to pull over and call New York State Police for assistance. 

The systems are being installed on roadways where entry points for over-height vehicles were identified and include:

  • NY Route 106/107 north ramp to Northern State Parkway westbound in Hicksville

  • NY 135/Oyster Bay Expressway north ramp to the Northern State Parkway west in Plainview

  • Long Island Expressway east Exit 38 ramp to Northern State Parkway east in Roslyn Heights
L.I.M.A. June 01, 2014 at 12:11 PM
Who's the asshat videoing...... what a real scumbag pos... Now thousands of people will be fuked because of his selfish scumbag actions as that is closed for hours. .. To the camera asshat I hope I'm the guy that has to dial 911 to save your life....I'll wait till the time has expired.
Arguendo June 01, 2014 at 12:45 PM
Sure, victimize the videographer. He should definitely have put his life at risk from the moron trucker.
mary ann June 01, 2014 at 04:45 PM
This is OLD news and happened May 15th, so why is The Patch posting it again. We've already seen this on the nightly news!
Jane Mann June 02, 2014 at 08:06 AM
I was under the assumption that Trucks and commercial vehicles were not allowed on Parkways
People Crack Me Up June 10, 2014 at 10:34 AM
The City can EASY make a Preventable detection system.. I'm Sorry but did we need to spend hundreds of thousands in tax money for digital signs to let me know rt 110 is coming up in 15 minutes ? ? they could have simple height sensors and then strobe lights on the overpass when a truck trips the sensor,, anything that comes within a foot of the height limit obviously shouldn't be on the parkway, , simple enough but NOOOOOO the city will wait until somebody is hurt or killed before they spend the money just like they did with the Wantagh parkway AFTER a motorcycle rider lost control and killed a bicycle rider, , hence the pattern, , AFTER a boy was Killed


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