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The summer was a great time for barbeques, a cold beer, a glass of wine, a delicious shrimp  cocktail and now too many people have to pay for their indulgences. These foods and others such as duck, shellfish and organ meats and medications such as diuretics can elevate uric acid levels. Elevated uric acid levels can lead to the formation of urate crytals which can be trapped in the joints of the foot, most commonly in the big toe joint. When these crystals are in a joint they cause exquisite pain, swelling and redness in and about the involved joint. These are the symptoms of a gout attack. Men are more prone to gout attacks but women, especially those who are post- menopausal, can also be stricken by gout. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease,  obesity and genetic factors increase a person’s chances of developing gout.                 The doctors at Livingston Foot Care Specialists can often diagnose gout based on the clinical symptoms.  They realize that a person in severe pain from a gout attack is not interested in waiting for blood tests to come back to confirm the diagnosis. A patient wants and needs immediate relief of the pain. At Livingston Foot Care Specialists our podiatrists have treatment modalities that can immediately relieve the pain and suffering from a gout attack. They also tutor the person on ways to avoid a recurrence. Most gout attacks can be treated with conservative methods. When the crystals are large and inhibit joint motion, surgical intervention may be necessary.                 If you wake up in severe pain with swelling and redness about a joint in your foot, call Livingston Foot Care Specialists at 1685 Newbridge Road, North Bellmore, 516-826-0103 where emergency care is available.


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