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A simple approach to New Year resolution confusion.

With each new year brings a clean slate and a list of resolutions – a list of aspirations for ourselves to hopefully accomplish in the new year.

Perhaps you already have your list of aspirations for 2012, folded and tucked into your wallet to look at each day. Or possibly you haven't had a moment to write them down let alone take the time to think about writing them down!

If you have been organizing yourself and your home and your life this month along with the Vegan Living column, then you have a pretty grand jumpstart to 2012.

I have a solution to resolution confusion. Rather than thinking and writing at length all the things you want to change, take a positive approach to the brand new slate before you and have one resolution to live by each and every day.

"I will be my best self."

Being your best self encompasses all aspects of your life. Your health, family, physical self, emotional self, attitude, financials and more. Simply ask, "What Would My Best Self Do?"

In all seriousness, acting on behalf of your best self is one of the easiest shortcuts to getting to where you want to be. You will feel, look and act better than ever before because you are truly acting on behalf of that you that you see as your ideal.

I have had such a wonderful year writing and sharing with you all the little ways you can incorporate aspects of veganism into your day to day. Little things that perhaps have opened your eyes to a more pure and fresh way of relating to your body, your food choices, your home and your choices.

As Vegan Living comes to a close, I thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts and sharing my column. It is my hope that we all understand the immense responsibility we have to our own selves to be our best selves. We are all connected, and each choice we make whether it be food, lifestyle, words, or attitude, make that choice knowing that it will impact something bigger than yourself.

Have a wonderful rest of 2012 and I wish you peace, gratitude and success!


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