Starting Fresh: Body

Quick tips for soothing and caring for your mind and body.

With the new year comes the mad rush for the elliptical machines. As we drive down our main street, we see the lights in the gym ablaze, shining on the brand new gym clothes of locals working off their holiday temptations.

While yes, engaging in physical activity is a must, here are some additional ways to get your mind and body back to basics this new year.

Massage: Most insurance carriers will now allow copays for a massage, so check your health plans immediately. Massage is one of the most amazing ways to release toxins and stress, increase circulation and keep your muscles and tendons lubricated. I absolutely adore Relaxation Retreat near the Merrick train station. Call (516) 623-8116 and schedule an appointment.

Eyebrow threading: Ladies and gents, forget the beeswax and go cruelty-free with the creation of your eyebrows. They frame your face, so see an expert. I recently fell in love with the ladies of Beauty Affairs Salon on Camp Avenue in Merrick. Not only are you avoiding all the waste of waxing your brows (wax, electricity and energy to heat the wax, sticks to rub the wax on, strips to take the wax off, etc.) you are also avoiding scalding your skin. Walk-ins are welcome at Beauty Affairs and the ladies are experts.

Drink green tea: Green tea undergoes minimal processing, making it a close to the source choice for your daily beverage besides water, as well as maintains a greater concentration of antioxidants. It has been traditionally used for its herbal and medical powers and has been said to assist in suppressing one's appetite, skin issues and indigestion. Don't take my word for it, but this is a much more fueling beverage in the a.m. than a cup of joe and aids your body in a number of ways.

Fresh air: One of my mom's famous reasons for going to the beach is to 'clear the cobwebs.' Growing up, we went to the beach year-round to enjoy some fresh ocean air, despite a winter coat. Utilize all this amazing Island has to offer and drive your short drive down the parkway to the beach for some wonderful ocean air. Just a quick stroll down the boardwalk can alleviate stress and free your thoughts for a bit.

And last, but not least, it is very important to be active. Too many of us spend tens of hours every week behind a computer or desk or driving. Our bodies are meant to be mobile. There is no reason that we should have such ailments as we do.

By taking ownership of every aspect and every angle of your body, you will be feel better and be less vulnerable to ailments. Go for a walk, jump rope, do your hollow rocks and learn the perfect squat form. Our bodies are all we have for our entire life, and they are all ours. Use them to their endless potential and believe in your own strength.


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