Making Sense Out of Parenting

Introducing a new column that will answer questions from residents about child-rearing.

Way back when, parents were younger and had extended family either living with them or nearby.

In that scenario, it was not only mom and dad raising the children; it was grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins and so on. Hence the old adage, "It takes a village to raise a child." This is where Parent Sense, Inc. comes in. We help fill the role of "the village" and assist parents in developing their "parent sense".  

This back-to-basics approach to parenting was created by Rebecca Kammerer and Beth Karcher, who recognized the need for simple and practical techniques to help parents. Beth of 8-year-old twins and a 2-year-old, and Rebecca of 3-year-old twins, met while attending meetings of the Nassau County Mother of Twins Club. What started out as just some friendly advice between moms has turned into a lasting friendship and full-blown business for Karcher and Kammerer.   

"We have been writing a parenting advice column for the Garden City Patch for about a year now, and we love it," Kammerer said. "We get a lot of positive feedback, especially on articles dealing with our firsthand experience." 

Karcher, after completing her MBA at Cornell University, did not think raising children would be hard.  But it is the hardest job she ever had, with little to no training!  There are so many books and theories to read and no time to do so. As a parent, we often ask, "Am I doing the right thing?" It has become her passion to help guide others in parenting issues so you can be prepared and not feel helpless or overwhelmed.  Her goal is to tailor a simple strategy that works for your family.  Once you have a plan, things will go smoothly. She is a Love and Logic® Facilitator and Breastfeeding Advocate. 

Kammerer, Co-Founder of Parent Sense, Inc., is a former nanny who worked for a celebrity business tycoon, film/TV writer, high school teacher, former FBI agent, stay-at-home mother and an OB/GYN, among others. Fourteen years of live-in/live-out child care experience, a teacher's assistant at the Bedford Village School District in Bedford, along with running her own day-care business, prepared her well for parenthood.  Kammerer is the mother of toddler twins. As a Love and Logic® Facilitator, Kammerer is a firm believer in a simple, back-to-basics approach to parenting.

"People need to understand that it's part of a more simplified lifestyle. You have to feed them enough healthy food, give them enough exercise and establish good sleeping habits. Most issues we encounter arise due to one of these basics not being met,"  she said.

In addition to writing advice columns and running workshops, Parent Sense, Inc. holds private coaching sessions in your home. Browse our website, email us at parentsense@theparentsense.com, or give us a call at 516-286-1785 and let us know the issues/challenges you are facing. Or, just drop a line to tell us what you think is working particularly well for your family. Our goal is to help everyone utilize and explore their own parent sense. Be sure to join our Parent Support Group for weekly advice articles, promotions and event announcements.


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