I Lost Five Pounds and Gained More Confidence

Five is the magic number.

This week I found that I lost five pounds while training with the Bellmore Personal Training Institute. In total I have lost 17 pounds!

Even though five pounds does not seem like much, it is a significant amount of weight in my journey. I lost five pounds after four weeks of extremely hard work at Bellmore PTI. The 13 pounds that I lost myself took a long time to come off because I was not as diligent as I should have been and I was not always eating properly.  The recent five pounds that I lost has shown me what I am capable of and how much progress that I am making.

My stomach is flatter, I have much more energy and I can hold my head a little higher since me and my five pounds of fat have parted ways.

I know that will with hard work and dedication, I can achieve all of my goals-- fitness related or not--and so can YOU!

I get weighed this weekend, so come back next week and see how I did! Feel free to share your weight loss success stories in the comments below.


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