PHOTOS: In S. Bellmore, Signs of Sandy Remain

Credit: Jaime Sumersille
Credit: Jaime Sumersille
Nearly four months after Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Island's South Shore, signs of rebuilding can be seen throughout South Bellmore.

Debris, dumpsters and storage units lie in front of homes. In some cases, a red X adorns chain link fence, meaning the structure is unsafe to enter.

Still others await reimbursement from FEMA and/or their flood insurance companies. 
FedUpRealist February 27, 2013 at 12:48 PM
Does anyone remember when Santaprompter proclaimed nothing will get in the way of assisting those effected by the storm???...That assistance and funding will be expedited???...And where's the lame-stream media criticism of how Santaprompter and FEMA have FAILED MISERABLY???...Remember how the same so-called journalists handled coverage of Katrina???...Similarities???...Nope....Wake the F up America!!!!


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