Sept. 19: Tornado Watch, Reward Schools, Drug Prevention

A look at what's happening around the Bellmore and Merrick areas on this Wednesday.

  1. According to the National Weather Service, Nassau County was under an actual Tornado Watch Tuesday until 11 p.m., with high winds and rain throughout the day.
  2. Three North Bellmore Schools - Newbridge Road, Martin Avenue, and Park Avenue - were named "Reward Schools" by the State Senate. Read about this impressive development and more in our coverage of September's North Bellmore Board of Education meeting.
  3. The Bellmore Merrick Central High School District recently welcomed a new Assistant Principal at John F. Kennedy High School as well as a new Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services for the District. Click here to find out more.
  4. Nassau County recently became the first county in the state to be certified to administer an Overdose Drug and Prevention Program. Find out more by clicking here.
  5. The subject of elderly drivers is always one that causes a great deal of debate. When does someone grow too old to get behind the wheel and not put others at risk? Check out this report to get some interesting statistics on the subject.


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