Letter to the Editor: Thanking a Good Samaritan

Editor's Note: This article was written and submitted by Michelle Gagnon.

Dear Editor,

I would to thank a local Good Samaritan, Mr. Michael Marrazzo, who was kind enough to help my son at the Bellmore LIRR train station on Wednesday, 12/12.

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My son was on his way to work, when he tripped going up the stairs to the train and hit his head. It was a deep, 3’ to 4” laceration which was bleeding profusely. Mr. Marrazzo who was on his way to work, (and is also an EMT) missed his train to stay and help my son. He called for an ambulance and comforted him until I arrived.

I thanked Mr. Marrazzo and told him it was OK for him to leave, but he insisted on waiting until the ambulance arrived. (I wanted to drive my son to the hospital, but he convinced me that it would be faster and safer for him to be transported via ambulance.) He made another call for the ambulance and after they arrived he left.

This young man could have easily said “Are you OK?” and proceed up the stairs to catch his train, but he didn’t. It is important for people to know, that there are still many caring and compassionate people in the world and often we are too cynical to appreciate them.

Thank you Mr. Marrazzo, my son and I are grateful and truly appreciate your help.

Michelle I. Gagnon
PS: (A thank you also to the individual that gave my son a wad of paper towels which he was able to use to apply pressure to his wound to try and control the bleeding.)



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