Creative Corner Creatively Combats Cancer

Local pottery studio holds breast cancer fundraiser.

To salute Breast Cancer Awareness Month Creative Corner, a pottery and arts studio located on Bedford Avenue, recently held their Second Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser which had a successful turnout.

With the evening’s fundraiser taking the form of a pottery painting workshop in conjunction with the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, Creative Corner was a hotbed of activity, with women painting, eating, and laughing together for a good cause.

“Everyone’s painting a planter, cup, and saucer,” said Creative Corner co-owner Lynda Joyce. “We also have our local stores getting in on this...we have pizza donated by Pasquale’s, cupcakes donated by Got Cupcakes?, and Vera Bradley has donated pocketbooks for us to raffle off.”

Tina Roberts, Joyce’s partner in the business, said that Creative Corner decided to hold this fundraiser in order to give back to the community.

"We hope that, by giving back, good Karma will come back to us," she said. "Vera Bradley works with the association that we belong to and has teamed up with one of the manufacturers of the pottery, and now they make special pieces and 20 percent of the wholesale price goes directly to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer."

Inspired by a woman they met from the Vera Bradley Foundation who had survived Breast Cancer while also with child (both mother and child are fine now), Roberts and Joyce decided to contribute to the cause by holding their first in-store fundraiser last year. The event, organized in a mere two weeks, drew 35 people and raised  $800, all of which went directly to the Vera Bradley Foundation. This year, they're looking to do even better.

Creative Corner’s staff is also on-board with helping to fight breast cancer by donating their salaries for the evening to the cause. Employee Siobhan Moilan has  strong personal reasons for getting involved.

“I lost someone close to me to breast cancer, so I’m always happy to help out and do my part,” she said. “I feel good about it.”

Lynette Liverani of Wantagh had yet to choose a color scheme for her pottery from Creative Corner’s vast array of paints.

“My aunt is a survivor of breast cancer, and my sister currently has breast cancer,” she said. “So we decided to come, and it was something that we wanted to do, and it supports a good cause.”

In the end, Roberts said that events like this are just Creative Corner’s way of helping those less fortunate.

“We like to help the community, and we like to give back,” she said. “We’re very thankful for what we have, so we want everybody to know how thankful we are.”


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