Panera Bread Coming to Bellmore

No specific opening date has been announced, officials said.

Panera Bread on Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow.
Panera Bread on Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow.
Panera Bread officials have confirmed that the popular bakery-cafe' chain is coming to Bellmore.

According to an email from Marketing Manager Mandy Burns, "there is a lease signed for a new Panera Bread bakery-cafe located on Merrick Road between Farmers Avenue and Ocean Avenue."

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"At this point we don’t have many other details, as there isn’t a firm opening date although it is likely to be late this year," she added.

Burns told Patch that she will reach out as she has more details.

This is a breaking news story, and Patch will provide more information as it's made available. 
EB April 19, 2013 at 09:48 AM
It remains to be seen. There is a variance hearing on April 24th. They propose to demolish Viva Loco, Aboffs paints and the house behind. Thus making that private property commercial. And lowering the property values of the homes surrounding it. The increase in traffic on Farmers And Ocean are of serious concern because there is a large number of children on these blocks. Woud
EB April 19, 2013 at 09:49 AM
Would hate to see any of them hurt or worse because someone was in a rush to get a muffin.
larry April 19, 2013 at 12:46 PM
the stree Paneras is on has been derelect for decades...the old occupant ran a nite club and the patrons stumbled out onto the lawns of the neighbors,This usage is fantastic,,it brings a national food company with a sparkling track record for quality food and community support to our town..it will give our kids and adults jobs..some part time and some full time...even some high paying managerial jobs,,it will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the school system in real estate tax and hundreds of thousands for the county in sales tax..it will be fully renovated to add great curb appeal to our community,,,I urge everyone to please be open minded and help our community attract these type of merchants so we can all benefit and take the tax burden off the home owners backs.I have no doubt the developer will take traffic into account and the safety of the adjoining neighbors..Thats something nobody did there for decades and there will be new landscape and a huge parking lot put in...they dont serve liquor so we wont see drunks vomiting on my lawn as we did for years,,or drunks peeing on neighbors lawns or people parking in front of my house as they did for years,,Im so excited,,i cant wait to eat at Paneras!!!!lets support smart community growth!!!
patti April 21, 2013 at 09:19 PM
Are you a shill? Where's all this room for a parking lot for a business that large?
larry April 21, 2013 at 10:25 PM
shill?thats silly,,heres the plan..the developer has taken all the circumstances into account and has purchased all the derelect buildings on that street..and plans to remove them leaving only one that Paneras will occupy on the west corner..all the other structures will be removed and a large parking lot will be built..with proper landscape and curbing and dry wells for rain water drainage.Paneras will keep the landscape in good order and sweep and clean the site.They've proven to be great neighbors in all theyre sites as theyre very community minded.The site has been designed to maximize parking and the developer hasd invested all thats required to provide the parking by the demolition of the Aboffs and the Viva loco..turning all that into parking.If you look at all the existing buisnesses on Merrick road..none have the parking Paneras will have and they do much more buisness then Paneras will do...so the developer will have provided all the possible parking they could .La piazza has only 24 spots and the bagel stores and other successful restaurants have less..Paneras will have over 40 spots and a beautiful site.The developer has a track record of creating wonderful,buildings that make our town look and feel better..and create jobs as well as sales tax to fuel and feed our economy...as well as school taxes to bolster our school system.So I no shill,,immjust a supporter for smart community growth,,Emoty ugly desserted buildings..dont help our town and a good healthy buisness with the proper traffic considerations for enteries and exits and adequate parking dont create danger,,they rectify it.
Maureen V. Curley April 21, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Oh no!! It will ruin the scenic beauty that is that stretch of Merrick Road!!!! Lets make sure we defeat this movement just like you did White Castle!! While we're at it, lets make sure every failed business' building should be mandated to remain a vacant eyesore! That will really drive up your property value. Get a grip. Farmers and Ocean have always been off of Merrick Road. There was potential for encroachment already there. At least it's not like having Anderson Springs or Hennig Auto Collision in your backyard.
EB April 22, 2013 at 06:07 AM
After living through the Viva Loco years I would love to see a new business in that area. Panera is a well established restaurant chain and would definitely be an asset to Merrick RD. But how about the old East Bay property? More than ample parking, they require 40 spaces and access from both Merrick and Newbridge Rd. Thus diverting traffic off of two very narrow side streets which was one of the issues we faced with Viva Loco. The developer has been succcessful in revitalizing Merrick Rd. And i welcome the change. I am concerned with the increase in morning traffic and lunch traffic when the Kennedy kids have to get back to school in time. If he can see that traffic is diverted back to Merrick Rd I have no problem with it.
larry April 22, 2013 at 07:12 AM
If the Paneras is built ,,It will bring more hi quality merchants to a stretch of mERRICK rOAD THAT HAS KEPT THE COMMUNITY LOOKING TIRED AND IN DISREPAIR FOR A LONG TIME.pANERAS WILL REVITALIZE THAT STRETCH OF TOWN!..Then ,no doubt,the diner property will be next to be revitalized..I'm told that the developer thats doing Paneras will do the diner next..but they want to do Paneras first because that will be the stimulant to attract good retailers and other good buisnesses...and if theres resistance to Paneras,he will not do the Diner because carrying empty properties thru this process is just too costly.Its now costing over 140,000 annually just in real estate taxes to carry the empty buildings on the site Paneras will occupy..so they dont want to get bogged down carrying more losses and having to work thru the permit process if theyre not successful with paneras..We all should know that this is the same developer thaat has renovated 7 other derelect strips along Merrick Road and he lives in our town,He pledged 20 years ago to clean up the road when he moved here and he has,,he keeps them clean and rebbuilds them with great style and architecturaal integrity..Take a look at the building where Max and Gino is..That was a vacant mega warehouse,converted to the Merokee Bowling Alley,,they desserted it and it fell into foreclosure,didnt pay taxes..it got ugly..just like these.. and actuallu there was a fire in it when vagrants broke in and destroyed it,,Well-he rebuilt it adding parking so it could be filled with quality merchants.The reason it was empty for years is the same as these buildings now in question,they didnt have parking and good merchants wont open without convenient parking,,but big developers dont like to reduce building size and they need bigger projects then these small ones..so they dont bother with these small buildings.Merokke Bowling, which was empty for 2 years...is now a beautiful strip center that adds value to our community..Same with Mortons old army Navy building,,he rebuilt it and its now Village Streetwear and the salon..same with Decal Makers ,its now Salon De La Mer.that was an old vacant factory,,he knocked down part od the building and added parking..same with the strip center that has Verizon..it was half empty for years and he renovated the front with a beautiful stucco finish and its never been vacant since..This developer invests and is happy with modest return on investment,I know him and his work has cleaned up many sites along Merrick Road as he only rents to hi quality merchants and he keeps the sites clean....If Paneras isnt built where Viva Loco is,that site will be in question and probably return to similar useages as they were..which cant pay much rent.. therefore leading to no real visual improvement of the buildings....as for the safety of the site now being applied for pANERAS,,SAFETY will not be an issue,there will be great access and great views to incoming and exiting traffic..and the building will not be filled beyond safety codes..so to wave a red flag about kids and safety,,is creating alarm about nothing,,but may block a great addition to our community and keep us looking at the garbage now there!!This will be no different then any building currently in our town,,buit definetly safer as they serve no alcohol and we eliminate 3 buildings now attracting thieves and vagrants as they break in weekly to steal copper and equuipment.They can divert traffic to Merrick RD. They said they would.I urge all to show up in support for a project that will enhance the community we live in and attractredevelopment of the next site which is now the old Diner lot to also be revitalized with good smart growth development that adds jobs and taxes to out town and helps us all out of this recession.
larry April 22, 2013 at 07:39 AM
I sense the saracsm in Maureens post..because lets face it..theres alot of junk staring at us along that stretch of Merrick Road and the Paneras will be simply gorgeous..Anderson Springs is simply kept awful and god only knows what envrionmental issues lie under that soil.,but Mr Anderson is a hard working man running a good buisness.so no knock intended. .and there are some other buildings around there are also unattractive..AND CANT STAY RENTED, but the owners dont have the funds to beautify ,,so it takes decades to do..I know that Paneras will be a GAME CHANGER,,other buisnesses will want to be nearby them,that will bring quality redevelopment to the Diner site.,we need this badly!I am the developer of the Paneras site.This will attract more hi quality merchants and redevelopment in a time that redevelopment is stagnant..but with a stimulator like Paneras,,it all can change to the positive-.I am doing this because its good for our town of Bellmore /Merrick and Im making very little return on this investment.I am constantly seeking ways to clean up Merrick Road and this is the best we could ever want.Retail is not growing anymore.The only buisness opening now a days is food.The real estate taxes and the internet is stifling retail..so if this redevelopment isnt supported and granted,this site will not improve and its a large site that will either keep us down and ugly in that stretch of town or to be new and beautified and perk us up.I HOPE THE COMMUNITY SUPPORTS ME ON THIS AS I HAVE DONE SO MUCH HI QUALITY RENOVATIONS..Im now doing this really to continue a crusade I started 20 years ago..of eliminating the vacant derelect warehouse and auto repair buildings along the main road of our beautiful town , the same town I live in..and add hi quality merchants that will be viable long term and bolster our economy.
patti April 22, 2013 at 04:09 PM
Panera would be great for Bellmore. It's a great place to eat and will bring jobs. But as a nearby resident, my concerns are parking and increased traffic. Nearly as pervasive as the lawn vomiters and flower bed urinaters were the swarms of cars parked along Farmers and Ocean Ave. Sometimes blocking driveways and a few times sideswiping parked cars. Also that particular intersection has had countless accidents in the 20 years I have lived here. Anyone who says they never saw any of these problems exposes themselves as a fraud that never spent any time in this neighborhood. As long as residents can be reassured that there will be ample parking for this venue and that the influx of traffic will not have an impact on this already dangerous intersection then I would definitely welcome it and believe most of the other residents would too.
beth landers April 26, 2013 at 08:30 PM
oh please enough about the traffic,,,its long island deal with it,,,,welcome Panera,,,,much better than all the empty storefronts around,,,,
larry April 27, 2013 at 08:46 AM
tremendous onsite parking..please post some positive things...we need Merrick Road to have healthy retail,,Our home values plummet with vacant stores and neglected properties..of course Safety first and no undesirable buisnesses..but cant we het some positive energy for something so obviously good for our town!!!
beth landers April 27, 2013 at 01:36 PM
larry April 27, 2013 at 02:30 PM
at the hearing 2 people complained kids would skate board,and then they complained home values woud decline because they would have parking lots near them,,but what they have now is better then a well manicured and maintained parking lot with high trees and a thick buffer...it just dosent make sense how pwople stand in the way of smart growth,,like the north shore farms going into the empty rite aid on Jerusalem,,been empty for 10 years..and folks complained about traffic..first of all you buy a house 3 houses off sa main road..you get the house for less..so then you complain about development next to your house?Sometimes the development if done well will lift your value,,On merrick road there now sits 3 empty derelect buildings that make our town look awful..we aren't talking about billy deans opening up next to your house!! This is a class act and theyre very community conscious..
beth landers April 27, 2013 at 02:49 PM
i agree 100% with you larry,,,i live off of newbridge and merrick rd,,,i understand there is traffic and god forbid a kid skateboarding but come on,,,Panera isn't like some head shop they just opened in East Meadow although they turned down Sonic,,,,,and im personally excited about north shore farms opening up even though overpriced Iavarone brothers arent',,,,lol
larry April 27, 2013 at 04:00 PM
sometimes all we do id discourage good neighborjood improvements and delay smart development..which dmakes deelopers like myself turn gun shy because the added cost of battling the delays can turn a project into a loser,,but anyway lets rejoice as this looks like it may happen!!At least one person came out and acknowledged the renovated centers along merrick road that make it a better place to shop and live near...also the North bellmore civic came out to support the Paneras application.so lets see ..
larry May 02, 2013 at 11:15 PM
town board approved,,,here comes a tremendous upgrade to our towns
VIctorW. May 03, 2013 at 12:52 PM
You gotta love these "developers" their optimism about improving the area. As a farmers avenue resident I cannot help to think how in the world by taking over a few mom and pop stores, knocking them down and building an even bigger, by far more busier and heavier traffic flow location is going to good for anyone living in the vicinity. Not to mention adding a parking lot on a residential street where a house once stood? I as well as the many names that will go on the petition would have rather took our chances with a mom and pop location rather than a store that will bring thoushands of cars thorugh out the whole day rather than a restaruant that was busy a few hours a night. Farmers is already a through street for people looking to bypass traffic lights. Now this guy is adding a parking lot to our residential street. If anyone is stupid enough to believe this will not destroy property values for anyone living on farmers is sadly mistaken. We are in the process of retaining a traffic flow investigator as well as appraisers who will confirm. The only person this so called "development will benefit is the business men involved and obviosly the patrons. The handful of residents on Farmers will be hurt. Unfortantely in this day of age money, influence and power prevails. But not with out good old fashion democracy and protest. We had it bad enough with the restaurant but at least we knew what we had. The house on farmers was always maintained and was always quiet now it is becoming a parking lot? Thank you Mr. Developer for "improving" our block
larry May 04, 2013 at 09:47 AM
Expert real estate authorities have reviewed the past and current conditions surrounding the site..and they all confirmed that the redevelopment planned will be a considerable up grade from the present and past state of condition this area has been in and is in now...and the upgrades and new environment created will have positive impact on the value of the homes surrounding the site.The fact is that the current condition is the negative impact on the homes nearby and the current condition creates an unsafe situation.The new development will not allow vehicles to exit onto the side streets..and will have thick buffers between the commercial and residential areas as well as cameras and constant patrols to avoid any loitering...as well as great curb appeal and the restoration of a clean ,upscale look our community deserves,,besides providing jobs for the adults and teens of our community ..as well as contribute well over a half a million dollars a year to school taxes,general real estate taxes and sales tax to the county.The safety of the community will be the first and foremost concern for everyone involved.Money is not the driving force behind this redevelopment,,thats the furthest from the reality andthat illusion is being posted here by a totally uninformed source that has no insight to the investment made by the developer nor the return that the developer has accepted to accomplish this upgrade....Actually...this is an irresponsible post..like others allowed by the cyberage we live in.This redevelopment is done with one goal in mind..to rid our community of the disgusting eyesore we now have from Newbridge to Farmers along Merrick Road and money was not a focus as theres very little being made.Nobody would have taken this challenge on if not for having our community's best interest at heart.The facts can bear this out instead of a totally uninformed person making this statemtn with no facts to back it up!Its time to stop the NIMBY approach and realize ,,this has taken everyones best interests into account including the neighbors and once done..you will see the beautiful site you will now live near as opposed to the filthy,vacant,slummy looking buildings that now line our main street and are near your home.
VIctorW. May 04, 2013 at 10:49 AM
truth be told the block as it is now, as with any block was not always filthy,vacant and slummy. The stores started as new at one point including the restaurant, and it was a problem with traffic then. Updating the appearance, no one could argue will have its benefits. We are just going back to a new and improved even busier and now a chain restaurant with an even heavier traffic flow and an elongated business day. Again great for the panera patrons, great for the investors, the few people adjacent will have to deal with it. BUt hey, atleast we will increased traffic, parking lots on residential streets, but it will look beautiful.If we are talking iresoponsible posting, I think it is irresponsible to only site the pluses and leave out the minuses. Every change brings both. I simply deemed it neccessary to site both. Then again I am not the builder or proprietor so it is a little easier to look at both.
larry May 04, 2013 at 10:58 AM
truth be told?..the pluses are definite and immediate..and the negatives are typical alarmists approach and not certain to occur at all..the traffic is only heavy to this type establishment from 12-1;30 and dinner is mild with no late nite traffic to talk of at all..they do very lite biz after dinner and close at 10..Your getting riled up over nothing and it will be a big plus for you..why send red flags up when theres no merit to your claims,,no tracj record from this comoany to do what your saying and no evidence at all that what your spouting here will occur,,in fact,,IT VWILL NOT!.and the benefits all cited in my prior message is definite!!Also..your lumping this buisness in with other chain stores is iresponsible,,they are community minded and not anything like a Mcdonalds or White Castle..they are going to be great neighbors and they listen..you will have a recpetive,,cooperative neighbor..please,,take a dep breath and have a bit of trust..or do yourself a favor,,investigate theyre establishments and survey theyre neighbors..as I did..My conclusion that this belongs here is due to much thought and this is the best neighbor we could ever ask for.
L.Vincent G. II May 09, 2013 at 12:30 AM
I love Panera. But hate living off of merrick road! Every time I turn around there is one monstrosity being knocked down another going up! Every time I show up at the town hearing the builder tells me how great it will be for the community. The same old story. Build, Build Build. That guy was right we all paid a discount to live near a commercially zoned area. A discount is paid for a less superior location.
L.Vincent G. II May 09, 2013 at 12:35 AM
A LESS SUPERIOR LOCATION! I am glad he admits that. which is why I will be listing my home ASAP and get out now before any more chains move in and turn residential lots into commercial. Reverse gentrification! Lower the FEW surrounding property values so you can move in even lower income families, one by one the values drop and you have a small isolated area with decreased home values and low class families. Which are the only ones willing to live on a commercial block.
larry May 09, 2013 at 07:20 AM
dear previous poster,L...I understand how you feel..but in this particular case Believe me,,this is a self help project...with a goal of upgrading our community..The developer did not do this based on arithmatic and profit...so lets support it because,,If we can help ourselves and Improve the main street of our community,,we also upgrade our home values..The fact is,, that this project is an upgrade!!Its not like other projects you have seen with hi traffic,,and users that will create negative impact...try to be open minded and analyze this-!we must do something !Its very rare that a local buisness would have the funds to renovate this type of strecth because its too big..and its 3 parcels and theyve all fallen into disrepair....The surrounding homes will be upgraded as a result of this eyesore being cleared..theres no increase of traffic as the prior occupant had massive parties and catered events in total dosregard for all codes the building dept. has created over the past decades to protect us against parking in front of our homes and overflowing into the residential streets surrounding the commercial roads..as the establishment had NO parking at all..and for us as neighbors to object to this particular end user would be ridiculous as they are a perfect fir to our neighborhood...No drive thru..No alcohol..No late nite traffic..No parties..and they allow community organizations to use a room ,free of charge as well as support community events contributing food when asked,,The Panera Bread company IS community minded and when you go there to discuss an issue if there ever will be one..you will find an on site manager ready to listen and react to your needs....So please,,lets not lump this situation into the bunch of possible dissapointments youve experienced...and its firmly believed by experts that the site we will have compared to the streetfront of vacant derelict buildings that will never be rehabilitated if not for this local developer foregoing profits to improve our town,will definetly raise property values surrounding this site.


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