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Panera Bread Coming to Bellmore

No specific opening date has been announced, officials said.

Panera Bread on Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow.
Panera Bread on Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow.
Panera Bread officials have confirmed that the popular bakery-cafe' chain is coming to Bellmore.

According to an email from Marketing Manager Mandy Burns, "there is a lease signed for a new Panera Bread bakery-cafe located on Merrick Road between Farmers Avenue and Ocean Avenue."

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"At this point we don’t have many other details, as there isn’t a firm opening date although it is likely to be late this year," she added.

Burns told Patch that she will reach out as she has more details.

This is a breaking news story, and Patch will provide more information as it's made available. 
VIctorW. May 04, 2013 at 10:49 AM
truth be told the block as it is now, as with any block was not always filthy,vacant and slummy. The stores started as new at one point including the restaurant, and it was a problem with traffic then. Updating the appearance, no one could argue will have its benefits. We are just going back to a new and improved even busier and now a chain restaurant with an even heavier traffic flow and an elongated business day. Again great for the panera patrons, great for the investors, the few people adjacent will have to deal with it. BUt hey, atleast we will increased traffic, parking lots on residential streets, but it will look beautiful.If we are talking iresoponsible posting, I think it is irresponsible to only site the pluses and leave out the minuses. Every change brings both. I simply deemed it neccessary to site both. Then again I am not the builder or proprietor so it is a little easier to look at both.
larry May 04, 2013 at 10:58 AM
truth be told?..the pluses are definite and immediate..and the negatives are typical alarmists approach and not certain to occur at all..the traffic is only heavy to this type establishment from 12-1;30 and dinner is mild with no late nite traffic to talk of at all..they do very lite biz after dinner and close at 10..Your getting riled up over nothing and it will be a big plus for you..why send red flags up when theres no merit to your claims,,no tracj record from this comoany to do what your saying and no evidence at all that what your spouting here will occur,,in fact,,IT VWILL NOT!.and the benefits all cited in my prior message is definite!!Also..your lumping this buisness in with other chain stores is iresponsible,,they are community minded and not anything like a Mcdonalds or White Castle..they are going to be great neighbors and they listen..you will have a recpetive,,cooperative neighbor..please,,take a dep breath and have a bit of trust..or do yourself a favor,,investigate theyre establishments and survey theyre neighbors..as I did..My conclusion that this belongs here is due to much thought and this is the best neighbor we could ever ask for.
L.Vincent G. II May 09, 2013 at 12:30 AM
I love Panera. But hate living off of merrick road! Every time I turn around there is one monstrosity being knocked down another going up! Every time I show up at the town hearing the builder tells me how great it will be for the community. The same old story. Build, Build Build. That guy was right we all paid a discount to live near a commercially zoned area. A discount is paid for a less superior location.
L.Vincent G. II May 09, 2013 at 12:35 AM
A LESS SUPERIOR LOCATION! I am glad he admits that. which is why I will be listing my home ASAP and get out now before any more chains move in and turn residential lots into commercial. Reverse gentrification! Lower the FEW surrounding property values so you can move in even lower income families, one by one the values drop and you have a small isolated area with decreased home values and low class families. Which are the only ones willing to live on a commercial block.
larry May 09, 2013 at 07:20 AM
dear previous poster,L...I understand how you feel..but in this particular case Believe me,,this is a self help project...with a goal of upgrading our community..The developer did not do this based on arithmatic and profit...so lets support it because,,If we can help ourselves and Improve the main street of our community,,we also upgrade our home values..The fact is,, that this project is an upgrade!!Its not like other projects you have seen with hi traffic,,and users that will create negative impact...try to be open minded and analyze this-!we must do something !Its very rare that a local buisness would have the funds to renovate this type of strecth because its too big..and its 3 parcels and theyve all fallen into disrepair....The surrounding homes will be upgraded as a result of this eyesore being cleared..theres no increase of traffic as the prior occupant had massive parties and catered events in total dosregard for all codes the building dept. has created over the past decades to protect us against parking in front of our homes and overflowing into the residential streets surrounding the commercial roads..as the establishment had NO parking at all..and for us as neighbors to object to this particular end user would be ridiculous as they are a perfect fir to our neighborhood...No drive thru..No alcohol..No late nite traffic..No parties..and they allow community organizations to use a room ,free of charge as well as support community events contributing food when asked,,The Panera Bread company IS community minded and when you go there to discuss an issue if there ever will be one..you will find an on site manager ready to listen and react to your needs....So please,,lets not lump this situation into the bunch of possible dissapointments youve experienced...and its firmly believed by experts that the site we will have compared to the streetfront of vacant derelict buildings that will never be rehabilitated if not for this local developer foregoing profits to improve our town,will definetly raise property values surrounding this site.


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