Mobil Reveals North Bellmore Convenience Store Plans

Plans were revealed last week for the Mobil Station located at the intersection of Newbridge Road and Columbus Avenue in Bellmore.

According to Kevin O'Brien, the attorney for the property owner, there will still be the same amount of gas dispensers on the property (three). The tanks are going to be replaced, and the building will be given "a bit of a facelift", including improvements to the stonework and facade.

"It's a little tired and in need of upgrading, " O'Brien said. 

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The property will no longer act as a service station, and current plans include operating a convenience store on a 24-hour basis. Also, an office area that currently exists on the property is slated to be knocked down.

"Other than that, the footprint of the property is going to stay the same," O'Brien added.

Additionally, fencing has been replaced on site, and the existing tenant will be removed due to their inability to maintain the property. There also used to be two curb cuts for Columbus Avenue, but that has been reduced to one.

Aside from the pumps, there will be seven spaces on the property for parking. Residents voiced concerns about the traffic a convenience store would bring, and many also questioned the process of how a tenant is chosen.

"We're not looking for a month-to-month commitment," O'Brien said. "We're looking for a long-term thing."

Those looking to attend the public hearing in front of the Board of Zoning Appeals may do so on Feb. 19 at 10:30 a.m.  

Do you think the change from a service station to a convenience store is a good idea? Tell us in the comments section below.

FedUpRealist February 18, 2013 at 10:41 AM
You're late to the story, Mr. Patch...Two weeks ago I sent you a note asking you to look into this story and you ignored it - until now...I knew about this many weeks ago while the Citgo convenience store and the debate over North Shore were brewing...I was awaiting your article but it never came...Where were you???...Please get ahead of these SERIOUS resident concerns faster than you have with this story... To the point: Do we really need ANOTHER convenience store in this area???...Within 1 mile, we have three, YES THREE, 7-11's, a Hess gas convenience store, a 24 hour convenience store across from My Hero, a convenience store next to the Mosque, a convenience store next to Subway...And now the Citgo station will be a convenience store...Don't forget Stop-N-Shop, too...This newest location, like all the others, will attract 'lesser quality' individuals who will spend their money on lotto tickets, cigarettes and beer...Those who are looking for a quick stop for bread and eggs can surely go a liitle further - but still less than a mile - to any number of lazy, er, convenience stores in the already saturated area...I always considered the area north of the Southern State as a quaint little area with little commercial influence...Although I considered the Mobil station an eyesore on this landscape, I understood a GAS STATION north of the parkway was convenient and necessary for area residents...But now that tranquil landscape will change drastically...Again, with a plethora of available 'pit stops', do we really need another???...And once it's approved it will NEVER be changed back... We are looking more and more like Queens....
randy February 18, 2013 at 12:32 PM
absolutely, enough is enough with these convenience stores. all they are is a place to get cigarettes and beer late at night. we do not need anymore in the area, I agree totally with feduprealist, you are turning this area into queens...........Please no more convenience stores, just look at the history of many of them, selling to underage youths, cigarettes and beer. Let get with it and fight this............


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