Craigslist Finds: April 3

Local sellers have great items at great prices!

Looking to do some online shopping? We've got some great Craigslist finds in the Bellmore area!

1996 Dodge Ram

An excellent idea for both extreme off-road travel or just trips to the supermarket to load up on groceries, this like-new 1996 Dodge Ram 4X4 truck comes fully-loaded and with brand-new tires. Seller is asking for $2,500.


Looking to sweat off a few pounds and build endurance for fun on the beach this summer? Then consider this Pro-Form treadmill, since experts report that running is one of the most effective forms of cardio going. The treadmill is in brand-new condition, seller is asking for $150.

Dining Table W/Chairs

The perfect compliment to any kitchen, this dining table with rare antique chairs will serve you and your family well at mealtime for years to come. Seller is asking for $50 for everything.

BMX Bike

This maroon BMX Bicycle with 20-inch tires is listed as being in fair condition, making it ideal for some tinkering with to get it into tip-top shape for biking around now that the warm weather is hitting the Bellmores. Seller is asking for $45.


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