North Bellmore Schools Closed Tuesday

Editor’s Note: The following letter was written to parents by North Bellmore School District Superintendent Arnold Goldstein.

I hope this finds you all safe, well and warm.

I want to update you on some changes that we are making.

Based upon information we have received this morning from officials from various local and state agencies, schools will be closed to students and staff on Monday and Tuesday. Concerns were raised about continued shortages of fuel, ongoing infrastructure  weaknesses, and the impact on emergency services, including hospitals, fire departments and police, when so many cars and buses are using very limited gas supplies.

Schools will be open for voting on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Schools will reopen for students and staff on Wednesday, Nov 7, as long as the weather permits (unfortunately, there are reports of a tropical storm headed in our direction.)

We know that the closing of schools is a great inconvenience, but we are cautiously taking the advice of experts when it comes to the safety of our students and staff.

Parents and staff members should use the next few days to work out carpooling arrangements. As reported on Friday, we do not yet know if buses will be available when school resumes, and fuel shortages may persist.

Parents should also send lunch, snacks and a drink for their children until normal lunches can resume.

As always, I thank you for your cooperation and wish you all the very best. This is a genuine crisis and I am proud of the generosity, kindness and resilience shown by our community.

The best always,

Arnold Goldstein

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