Weird News: Iconic Rooster Statue Stolen

From the fun to the freaky, here are stories making headlines this week.

Iconic Rooster Stolen from Milleridge Inn

The owners of the historic Milleridge Inn in Jericho are offering $500 for the return of an iconic metal rooster stolen Saturday night. 

The 3-foot tall, 300 lb. bronze rooster had been a part of the Inn for 50 years and would require at least two people and a truck to carry off. Read more here.

Duck with Fishing Hook in Throat Rescued at Ridder's Pond

Animal advocates take fowl to new home in upstate sanctuary.

On the morning of Sunday, Sept. 22, Liz Stein, a lawyer with the Nonhuman Rights Project’s working group, called John Di Leonardo, President of Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION), a grassroots nonprofit animal advocacy organization, to report that a Muscovy duck at Ridder’s Pond in New Hyde Park had a fishing hook stuck in her throat. Di Leonardo called Caroline Lee, a local waterfowl rehabilitator and rushed to the scene. Lee also rushed to the scene all the way from Connecticut where she was visiting, and Julie Cappiello, Vice President of LION, came as well. 


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