South Bellmore Veterinary Group launches www.angryvet.com

Recently the veterinarians over at South Bellmore Veterinary Group have launched a blog called www.angryvet.com.  After 15+ years of practicing, Dr.'s Robert Foley and Dr. Michael Ferber have decided to challenge the status quo.  They are looking  for ways to practice better medicine and to promote client education. In this way clients can help to make decisions themselves with regards to their pets health.   Controversial topics like over-vaccination, whether and when to spay and neuter pets (yes there are two sides to the story), and nutrition are all addressed.  The site also provides the public direct access  to some of the top veterinary specialists in the field today.  The site's launch has been a huge success.  Within 6 months there are already close to 7000 users from all over the world!  Please check out the site.  Don't worry nobody is really angry...they're nice guys and they're here to help!


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