No Pain, No Gain at Train For The Game

New Bellmore training facility wants to pump you up!

Whether you're looking to kick a field goal, improve your backstroke or fit into those jeans that were loose 20 pounds ago, Train for the Game, a new semi-private athletic and fitness training establishment located at 545 Bedford Ave., has the workout for you.

With an Academy of Applied Personal Training Education certification from Hofstra University and seven years of experience in the field, it's clear that Train for the Game owner Barbara Brenseke knows what she's doing when it comes to getting you into the shape of your life.

"It's a semi-private facility ... there isn't a facility in the area with this kind of layout," she said. "By semi-private I mean one trainer to three clients, so you still get the benefits of one-on-one training. But I only do 12-week programs, because that’s when you usually see the results."

After working at a personal training facility in Massapequa for several years, Brenseke decided it was time to open her own gym. However, in an economic climate that often spells failure for new businesses, Brenseke seems to be brimming with confidence and hitting it big right off the bat.

"I worked some place for seven years, and I pretty much ran his business," she said. "I come from a marketing background, so I know how to get a business off the ground, and I like to help people. I've done very well here so far. I have a good partnership with the East Meadow Soccer Club, and things are going very well."

When dealing with a new client, Brenseke first puts them through an extensive series of tests to determine their overall physical state -- that enables her to tailor a workout regimen specific to their needs. She is able to do it for anyone, if they are an experienced athlete wanting to reach the next level of performance, a couch potato who’s looking to lose their spare tire, or anyone in-between.

From there, it’s time to sweat in Train for the Game’s state-of-the-art facility, featuring both conventional and unorthodox exercise equipment to get you in shape ... or to hone that shape to a razor’s edge.

"You’re not going to see results in just a month," she said. "You’re making a commitment to fitness, and I’m not going to train anyone who’s not going to get results.”


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