New Homes to be Built on Former Army Base

Seventy-nine houses will be built on the base that has been vacant for more than 17 years.

Michael Dubb presents floor plans of the homes to residents. Photo Credit: Danielle De Souza
Michael Dubb presents floor plans of the homes to residents. Photo Credit: Danielle De Souza
Seventy-nine new homes are set to be built on the former U.S. Army base in North Bellmore. 

The 17-acre property on Maple Avenue, which sat vacant for more than 17 years, was bought by the Beechwood Organization in May. 

The development company made a presentation on their project at a North Bellmore Civic Association meeting this week. 

"There is a tremendous demand for these homes," Michael Dubb, founder of the Beechwood Organization said. "It is a beautiful thing when you see young couples excited to move into this community." 

The homes will include four to five bedrooms, two car garages, full basements and two and a half bathrooms.

Dubb said that the houses, which will have a price range of $600,000 and above, started to be built in July. Four homes are currently under construction and 30 houses were already pre-sold. 

"They were bought by people who live fairly close to the community," he said. 

Construction of all the homes will take 18 to 24 months to complete and the first set of residents will move in around spring 2014.

"I know that construction can be disruptive, but theses homes will bring up the value of the community," Dubb said. 

The military base, once known as the Bellmore Logistics Facility, was used by the Army to repair heavy equipment and vehicles. Built during World War II, the facility was shuttered by the federal government in 1994.

Buildings that remained on the property were demolished about five years ago after it was purchased by the former owner KABRO Associates, a commercial real estate developer.

Karbo initially wanted to build market-rate senior housing.
In 1996, Habitat for Humanity of Nassau County proposed that 20 affordable houses be erected on the property. 

"We got a great deal of opposition," Kay McKiernan, president of Habitat for Humanity of Nassau County said. 

During Monday's meeting, some residents expressed the concern that their taxes will raise due to the new homes.

Representatives from the Beechwood Organization said that the homes or in pour of new residents, won't affect taxes, but others did not agree. 

"We fought hard in the past for senior housing for our residents to be built on that property," North Bellmore resident Richard Schary said. "Taxes will raise and it will be a problem for taxpayers." 

Marie Spohrer said that she is in favor of the new homes being built. 

"I am glad that they are doing something with the army base, but I don't live around there," she said.

What do you think about new homes being built on the former Army base? How do you think it will impact the North Bellmore community? Tell us in the comments below.

sir farts-a-lot October 23, 2013 at 07:57 AM
Negatives: Traffic, possible redistricting of saw mill road and mepham due to overcrowding caused by influx of students, more cars parking at the train station. Positives: Elimination of unused land, additional school taxes for north bellmore, economic stimulus for area. Neutral: Since these are "full freight" constructions local taxpayers will not be subsidizing elderly or low income residents. New residents will pay their own way. In balance, this is positive effect on the community.
Ann October 23, 2013 at 09:32 AM
Young couples=$600,000 homes? I don't think so.
Juli Love Morea October 24, 2013 at 08:42 PM
They are actually currently advertising "starting" at 699,00. Does anyone know where all the children in this new community will go to elementary school? I am in doubt that Sawmill Road, which is where all the surrounding children go, could shoulder the extra children since the enrollment was boosted by about 200 due to the closing of Gunther school.
Helene October 28, 2013 at 07:54 PM
That's my thoughts, how can young couple afford $600,000 home? and why would they need a 2 cars garage, 5 bedrooms to start their life as a young couples? something is really fishy about this situation. And why residents living behind the base were forced to built their own fences and paid for it, when a construction company came by and demolished the walls separating current housing to the base? someone is making quite a load of money on the back of the current residents. In no way are the new homes being built with young couples in mind. I will be curious to know who is behind Beechwood Organization, what are their affiliations? and seriously Marie Spohrer, if you don't live around this area, what makes you the expert on what is good for this community or not?


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