Holiday Lights Around Bellmore-Merrick

I drove around Bellmore and Merrick with my family Tuesday night and thanks to some of our informative Facebook fans, we saw some incredible holiday lights and decorations.

Here are some suggestions to stop if you would like to chart a course through town:

  • Melissa Lane
  • Centre Avenue (south of Merrick Road)
  • Saint Marks Avenue (north of Merrick Road)
  • Columbus Avenue

  • William Street
  • West Drive
  • Northridge Avenue
  • Rhode Avenue
  • Alexander Avenue
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FedUpRealist December 13, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Why so difficult to call 'em CHRISTMAS & HANUKKAH Lights???
Ralph A. December 14, 2012 at 09:42 AM
Thank you. And I thought it was just me. Call them what it is for the respective holiday they represent. I"m going to take this to the next level as with the Christmas Tree. Why it so hard for everybody to say the respective holiday? To me it's still Merry Christmas (to my Jewish friends Happy Hanukah), and Happy New Year. Too lazy for everybody to say it out fully these days.
FedUpRealist December 14, 2012 at 10:53 AM
It's the same with the 'Tree & Candle' debate. Secularists want to change the traditions of 'popularist' people. It makes them feel relevant. The Menorah and the Christmas Tree, these are time tested traditions. They carry no malice or ill will towards anyone. We don't dare step on the traditions of less celebrated religions in this country for fear that we MAY offend someone. Oh no! That's totally unacceptible. But that same level of respect for 'their' traditions should be assigned to the more mainstream religious traditions in this country, shouldn't it? Why is there a double standard? Somehow, that premise has gone to the wayside of so-called political correctness. The Menorah and the Christams Tree are time honored traditions and should remain so. We shouldn't have a 'candle lighting ceremony', we should have a 'MENORAH Lighting Ceremony'. We shouldn't have a 'Tree Lighting Ceremony', we should have a 'CHRISTMAS Tree Lighting Ceremony'. If the PC crowd only wants 'Happy Holidays' to be the 'legal' greeting, then maybe such folk can come up with a symbol of their own. Heck, they can even copy the candles (ie:kwansa) or even a tree. There are so many objects, both animate or inanimate, that can be used as such a symbol for the 'Happy Holiday's' crowd. And if the secularists do come up with a symbol of their very own, I will respect it. I won't seek, out of some petty jealousy, to diminish it or reject the very mention of it. Maybe that's because I don't covet the things that make others happy. In fact, whatever makes someone happy, be it a Christmas Tree, a Menorah, that's a good thing. The PC'ers shouldn't step on others. But unfortunately, that's what being 'PC' has become. May God bless all during the Holiday of their choice. And to those who get offended at the mere mention of God, may he have mercy on your lost soul.


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