Bellmore Schools Removes Damaged American Flag

The Bellmore School District has removed the damaged American Flag that was hanging at Bruce H. Gary Field of Heroes near the Charles A. Reinhard Early Education Center.

On Tuesday, an anonymous Bellmore resident posted an article bringing attention to the fact that the flag was still hanging, and after receiving inquiry from Patch, the district took it down and officials released the following statement.

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"The Bellmore Public Schools is dismayed to learn of the condition of the American Flag flying on the Bruce Gary Field," they said. "While on district owned property, the Bellmore Little League is responsible for the upkeep of the field and grounds. Since being made aware of the condition, the district has rectified the situation."

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FedUpRealist January 09, 2013 at 04:49 PM
That's disgracful. If they can't maintain something so basic yet meaningful then pull their permits!!! These 'town' little leagues control ALL neighborhood fields. The school fields are for ALL residents of the district. Go try and have a catch with your kid on ANY field on a weeknight or a Saturday.
Joseph Maniscalco January 09, 2013 at 11:28 PM
Dear Neighbors: While I recognize that you were upset about the American Flag and its appearance, we have a new board and I have taken over as the President of the league. I have been working tirelessly to bring a new vigor to the league. I apologize for the flag but quite honestly had no idea about your past experience with the flag. I will make sure to have a plan of action in place on a goig forward basis to deal with the flag. I am proud of this country and everything it has offered me. I am also grateful for the brave men and woman, some of whom are my family, who fought for these freedoms that we enjoy. The point is that it was an unintended oversight and never meant to disrespect anyone. I would welcome any further thoughts you have on our league and field and how to make our league better. I would also be most grateful if a neighbor would volunteer the time to raising and lowering the flag every day for the children. That way we are working together as a community and finding solutions to problems. Thank you
Joseph Maniscalco January 09, 2013 at 11:31 PM
To the Feduprealist: We do not CONTROL all of the fields. This is simply untrue. We maintain, pay for and do everything necessary for the fields. Most of the time, it is our volunteer moms and dads who are out there doing landscaping work and other necessary things in order to maintain the field. Everything is voluntary and when we hire someone, it is very difficult to manage the finances as we are a not for profit organization. We are doing our best here to be there for the kids and provide an encouraging environment to play sports. Thank you
T. Flag January 10, 2013 at 12:25 PM
Mr. Maniscalco; I applaud you for volunteering your time for the benefit of all our children. The men and women of our community that take time from their busy lives and from their own families for the benefit of all our children are to be commended. I have the utmost respect for all the coaches and members of the little league. My solution is simple; only raise the flag for special events. This would make it less burdensome for the volunteers of the little league and any good hearted neighbor that may pitch-in and take it down due to an oversight by the league. As far as I know, there is no requirement that a flag be raised for a baseball game (although it is a nice touch). Why make things more complicated then they already are? In addition, any effort to take any further action against the league is misguided. The little league was formed for the benefit of the community and our children. It is fulfilling its purpose. Restricting the league from free use of the fields only harms the community and hence all of us. The purpose of my original article was to enlighten the community to the issue of this flag and prevent it from being an ongoing problem. I believe this has been accomplished. As far as I’m concerned, the case is closed. Good luck with the upcoming season!


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