Are The Holidays A Pain in the Neck?

Dr. Dana Weissman Timmins
Dr. Dana Weissman Timmins
Stress can be caused by a very long list of factors and with the holiday season just around the corner, stress levels can be elevated.  Stress is not just for adults, but can and often does affect children as well.  When you are stressed, your immune system does not function as well.   At this time of year, if you add an already-weakened immune system to being around large crowds of people who may be sick while doing holiday shopping, visiting family and attending parties, then you may be putting yourself at higher risk for illness. The most common symptoms of holiday stress include headache, neck and backache, fatigue, irritability, high blood pressure and difficulties sleeping.   Chiropractic adjustments release muscle tension, reduce nerve irritation, improve blood circulation and boost the white blood cell count.  This helps the body return to a more balanced and relaxed state and helps your body fight off illness.   So, instead of giving up holiday memories with your loved ones due to sickness–decrease your chance of getting sick by keeping your stress at bay.  Contact Dr. Dana at Bellmore Village Chiropractic & Wellness to see what we can do to help alleviate your stress levels and help you further enjoy your holidays! Here are some things you can do to help decrease holiday stress:
  • 1.  Get a good night sleep
  • 2.  Reduce how much sweets, coffee and alcohol  you consume
  • 3.  Drink plenty of water
  • 4.  Remember to exercise
  • 5.  See a Chiropractor for an adjustment!


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